Photo Jim Hough

The "Smoker " Skit is from February 1964 done by 126 mess. We all had tin mugs that the Pay Chief (Paul Merrett) dropped coins into from a height, witnessed by the Paying Officer in the great-coat (Martin Higgs). G.I. in the background was Sandy Voce(he already had white gaiters from the band), Len Ricketts I see with a bald wig,Jim Hough, Mouse Walmsley, 4th guy (Nobby Clarke??) I can't recall nor the guy being paid(Martin Chase??).
WRT the “Smoker” on the Collingwood time line Feb. 64. The greatcoat that I’m wearing was borrowed (on pain of death) from Nobby Noble who if it brings back memories to all and sundry was Chief App. Of the Section. As a relatively diminutive person (he was bigger than me – but so was everybody at that time) he did like to bait much taller people especially his sproge Millman (sorry can’t remember his first name). If memory serves Nobby was killed in a car crash in the mid 70’s.



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